Gaia’s Wisdom is a woman-owned and operated company that humbly offers Essences that will educate you on Natural remedies and emotional repair while also reconnecting you with Mother Earth and helping you to heal emotional and physical issues that you are experiencing.

Flower Essences (used as an umbrella term that covers all Essences of Nature) are a growing natural modality. Over the past 25 years, as more and more people realize the importance of inner reflection and empowered healthcare, these plant medicines have increased in popularity and their effectiveness has been evidenced.

Of course, Flower Essences have generally be known for emotional repair and healing, but we also wish to remind you that your emotions are intricately connected to your physical body, including your nervous system and all systems of your body. In this way, when you ingest Essences, there will always be indirect results that support the entirety of who you are – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

In this age of technology where we are buzzing from the speed at which we are moving, Flower Essences invite you to return to the natural rhythms inherent in the Earth. When working with Essences for emotional well-being, you will experience the added benefits of slowing down and relating with flowers, trees, and elementals as essential partners in your life.

And Flower Essences are incredibly sustainable for the thriving of the planet. They use very little plant or natural material and can last for many years. This is important as we make choices that impact the Earth and her thriving.

Our Essences are collected from around the World, each lovingly created to support you as you repair trauma, beliefs, and create new patterns and ways of being.  They are safe and gentle and are beneficial allies for you, your loved ones, children, and pets. 

Our Mission, quite simply, is to spread the profundity of Flower Essences, in a very grounded way. They are not simply an “airy-fairy” medicine or one only used in an acute situation. They are powerful medicines that will assist you to live the Truth of who you are.  

Thank you Gaia for your Wisdom.

With Love,




About Ameya and Gaia’s Wisdom

Gaia’s Wisdom was birthed from a clear directive from a Eucalyptus Tree. While collecting the Eucalyptus Tree Essence, she began to speak to Ameya. The Eucalyptus Tree lovingly nudged her to forge a new path of offering to others a Full Flower Essence Line.

She received a vision of creating a line of products from all of the Essences she had collected over the years. And at first as the Eucalyptus Tree shared, Ameya politely declined. She had never wanted to start a physical product line... it had never even crossed her mind. And she wasn't sure that this is where her energy was needed.

The Eucalyptus Tree continued her loving requests, and right there, in the Eucalytpus Grove, the Eucalyptus gave Ameya the name for this new business and these Collections of Essences. Gaia’s Wisdom. Simple and absolutely perfect. 

Flower Essences truly are that which hold the frequencies of Gaia’s Wisdom.

And so the seed was planted.

Years went by and finally, we are here. Offering you exquisite Essences to serve you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

May they support you, in all ways.


Bees came for honey
flowers giggled
as they undressed themselves
for the taking
the sun smiled
the second birth - rupi kaur